Dance Classes

Welcome to our Studio. We pride ourselves at Prima in having wonderful dance instruction in a professional atmosphere! We love all of our dancers, and we sincerely hope you will consider joining the Prima family.
-Kristy Carder


Some Basic Class Descriptions:

Please note that ages are just a suggestion and not a definite placement tool. Students are always placed upon their skill and level as well as their personal aptitude for learning. For all classes, hair is expected to be up and out of the face. For levels Prep and higher, a bun is required for Ballet class. The attire sections below are for female dancers. Prima Ballet WELCOMES MALE DANCERS. Click on our Registration Page for more information on how to register.

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Prima Play

Ages 2-4- creative movement.

Attire – white or pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes. (This is NOT a Mommy and Me class.)

Prima Pre-School II

Ages 4’s-5’s- ballet/tap combo class.

Attire- pink skirted leotard, pink matte tights (not shimmery), pink leather ballet shoes,
black mary-jane, patent tap shoes (please purchase elastic bands instead of ties).

Jr. Jip Jop/Culture, Upper Elementary Jip Jop/Culture and Middle Hip Hop/Culture

A Cardio-Inspired Work-out Dance Class and an ever-changing cultural jump into the art of many different dance genres. Musical theater, “jip jop (a jazzy “age appropriate” hip hop style), Disney, African, modern, pom, etc. may be some of the styles offered. This class is best executed with ballet/jazz/tap experience or as an add-on, however, it is not mandatory.

Attire- a leotard or other form fitting top (tank or fitted t), form fitting shorts or dance pants and black slip on jazz shoes or black “chuck” style tennis shoes/black sneakers

Prima Pre-School I

Ages 3-4’s- ballet/tap combo for the pre-school mind.

Elementary I and Elemetary II Combo

Grades K-3rd- Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo class.

Attire- light blue skirted leotard, pink matte tights (not shimmery), pink leather ballet shoes, black mary-jane, patent tap shoes (please purchase elastic bands instead of ties). Black slip on jazz shoes are required of our Elementary II dancers. Our Elementary I dancers may wear their ballet shoes for Jazz until our performance (when it will be determined whether or not a jazz dance will be performed).

Preparatory Level I

Grades 3-5 or with recommendation. A Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo class.

Preperatory Level II

Grades 4-7th or with recommendation. Prep Ballet- 45-minute class and/or Prep Jazz/Tap Combo- a 45-minute class.

Attire for Ballet- A lavendar (or black but lavendar is preferred) leotard (most wear skirted), pink matte tights, pink, leather, ballet shoes. ** Hair secured in bun.

Attire for Jazz Tap- A lavendar (or black, but again we prefer the lavendar color for this season), flesh, matte (not shimmery) tights (you may wear either color for class, must have both pink and flesh if you take ballet, tap and jazz), black mary jane, patent tap shoes AND black, slip-on jazz shoes.

Intermediate Levels

Usually grades 6-8 or as a beginner level for older teens and adults.

Intermediate Ballet

Attire – A Black skirted leotard, pink, matte tights, pink leather ballet shoes. **Hair secured in a bun.

Intermediate II Ballet/Pre-Pointe

Usually ages 12+ with experience. same attire requirements as Int. I level , pointe shoes are only purchased upon completing pre-pointe training and with Ballet Mistress’ approval.

Intermediate Tap

Black leotard, flesh-colored convertible tights, 1.5-2″ heeled, black, buckle-style tap shoes.

Intermediate Jazz

Black leotard, flesh-colored convertible tights, black slip on jazz shoes.

Intermediate Modern/Lyrical

Black leotard, flesh-colored convertible tights, no shoes. Dance pawsfoot thong OK.

Advanced Levels

All with recommendation- must have both black and red leotards.

Apprentice/Professional level

Only with recommendation- must have black and red leotards.

Pointe I/II

Only with experience and upon recommendation of our Ballet Mistress.

Acrobatics Special Sessions

We offer a Sept-Dec. special session for Acrobatics training and a Jan-May session. Dates will be set for these sessions soon. This is a great add-on to your dance, cheerleading and Gymnastics training regimens.